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About Our Commercial Inspection Services


We have experts available to inspect your commercial properties.  A licensed structural engineer will inspect all structural related items and licensed inspectors with decades of experience in commercial construction will inspect all non-structural items.  We inspect multi-family, retail, institutional, mid-rise, and industrial properties.


Our commercial inspection services include a 9 point inspection process:


  1. Foundation; Grading & Drainage;

  2. Interior doors, wall, ceilings and floors;

  3. Exterior walls and doors, windows and door glazing;

  4. Roof, Roof Structure and attic;

  5. Porches, Balconies and decks;

  6. Built-in Appliances;

  7. Heating, cooling and Vent Systems;

  8. Plumbing Supply & Drains, Water Heating System; and

  9. Electrical system.


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