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Firestop Services



  • Special Inspections and Audit Reports per IBC 1705.16

  • Preliminary & Detailed Design

  • Plan & Specification Review

  • Quality Control & Maintenance

  • Engineering Judgment Review


Inspection/ Audit Reports

Our experts are your advocate, helping with code analysis, data photo reporting and validation. We create a compliance dashboard to give you an accurate assessment of the current state of your facility and provide a plan of remediation, if necessary, to get you on track to full compliance.


Preliminary & Detailed Design

Our multi-faceted approach takes all variables into account at the beginning of a project, saving you time and ensuring all components work together to support the code. We review preliminary designs with the project team and supply costing information to facilitate planning. Our knowledge about all available firestop products and materials yields more options to create a fully compliant system that preserves the fire-resistance ratings by impeding the spread of fire through through fire-rated building joints and penetrations in fire-rated assemblies.


Plan & Specification Review

Our modern document storage system keeps all records available at all times. When we perform surveys and update your building’s CAD plans, we produce a detailed inventory containing all firestops and related drawings to show location and certification for every installed component. Accurate reports are used for any future repair necessary and essential in meeting fire code requirements.


Quality Control & Maintenance

As a leading figure in the formation of firestop regulations, we develop quality control plans with sub-trades and review materials before and after installation, based on ASTME 2174 and 2393. We provide an electronic inventory of existing schedules, tag all current installations, create as-built drawings and upgrade and/or retag new installations, assisting owner on annual maintenance budget.


Engineering Judgment Review

Our team of engineers reviews engineering judgments and provides an engineering analysis letter with approval stamp and signature by a certified Professional Engineer (PE).


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