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Concrete Scanning & Detection

We use skilled, licensed engineer's to provide scans for our clients.  Our engineers have completed projects on everything from simple scans on single family homes looking for things such as rebar/pt cables to creating full scale 3D models of large commercial projects.  We attribute our 100% success rate to the fact that our structural engineers already have an idea of what to expect in the slab before they scan. 


Scanning concrete is not a simple process.  Factors such as concrete mix, condition, thickness, and even age will alter the quality of the scan results.  Spacing of objects in the concrete or multiple layers of objects, such as reinforcing, must also be taken into account because they can also diminish the clarity of your results.  We are experts at utilizing several different technologies to get the right results.  GPR, electromagnetic induction (ferroscan), thermal imaging, etc. would each be used in different situations for similar purposes.

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