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About Our Energy Services

We provide a range of services from basic structural inspections to full scale 3D modeling of the existing structure using non-destructive techniques.  Facilities are built using a wide range of materials, so we utilize a range of the latest technologies to properly assess each structure.  All assessments can be followed up with a structural engineer's report.


  • Structural inspection


  • Concrete Slab and Subgrade Investigations

    • Locate reinforcing, post-tension cables, utilities, conduit, voids, etc. in concrete slabs and the subgrade.

    • Variable settlement - determine precise settlement throughout the structure

    • Verify depth and size of structural rebar

    • Determine slab thicknesses and concrete beam locations


  • Masonry Investigations

    • Determine proper placement of brickties for brick, stone, or block facades

    • Verify proper reinforcing and filled cells for concrete masonry (CMU) walls using non-destructive techniques


About our non-destructive testing equipment

We have used technologies including ground penetrating RADAR (GPR), electromagnetic induction (ferroscan), thermal imaging, and total stations.

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